NALAG to Launch Redesigned Website Today

The National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG) will launch its re-designed website on 13 th March, 2018. The new platform, which will allow for better integration of video and photography with text, among other features, had been previously announced. The re-designed website will maintain its domain name and official email address to enable its members and other stakeholders to stay in touch with the Association.

Hon. Kokro Amankwa, the General Secretary for NALAG, said in a statement that the goal was to improve the user experience for both members and stakeholders. The redesign includes features like responsive designs and faster-loading pages, and allows for much more reader engagement with the content. Readers will be able to make comments directly alongside contributing to articles on local
governance and decentralization. It will also feature profiles of District Assemblies and give access to social media platforms of the Association. “With more prominent video and photography, the new features are highl immersive and enhance our readers’ ability to share and comment on articles,”
Hon. Kokro said in a statement. NALAG upholds its aim to promote the development of Local government administration and decentralization in Ghana through Advocacy and Lobbying, and providing a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, experience and information on matters of mutual interest related to local government and decentralization, among other objectives.